With Mary Kennedy
     To transform means to go beyond form. Transformational Breath® is an intense process that goes beyond the form to access the subconscious realm where mental and emotional traumas are stored. Many researchers believe this suppressed material causes our less than optimal performances in life. Once we deal with these inner issues, we are able to live with greater fulfillment and satisfaction. We discover we can resolve long-standing trauma, move beyond our previous limitations, and experience bliss consciousness. After we clear our subconscious restrictions, the way is open to connect with the soul. This connection can lead to mystical experience, great insight, and enhanced awareness of the oneness of all things. These experiences change our perceptions and resolve stress.
     Consider the pattern of breathing as a metaphor of how we live our lives.  As we restrict our breathing, dampen and repress our emotional responses, we are likewise restricting our lives. By focusing our minds and directing our breath, we open ourselves to a more positive and healthier life experience. Needless to say, as our emotional life opens, physical restrictions resolve.  I invite you to create this experience for yourself.

I practiced Transformational Breath® overseas a few years ago and it transformed my life completely.
Then, I had a break for a while and restarted doing it again.
Recently, I had private Transformational Breath® sessions with Mary. And my life is changing again: My wishes started to come true easily after my sessions with her. A true miracle…