A Note from Mary:

I have been a "Companion Human" to quite a few dogs, monkeys, reptiles, birds, and rodents, and am committed to educating people about living in the animal world with awareness and respect.


Canine Massage and Energy Work

"I have continued to use what we learned at that workshop with Gypsy. Every day we set aside some time. I have noticed that even without her pain meds the past few days she is doing better with her knees. I feel as though I can give back some of the healing energy that she gives to me. She is more willing to work and seems to be much happier as a result. I can envision her getting overloaded by my emotional needs without any outlet and here, with this, I can give some of that back to her.

It is wonderful to know that I can give even just a little of what she gives me back to her. I can be part of a circuit, part of something whole and healthy. I like it.

I've also started doing some of this with the puppy and amazingly enough he sits still for it as long as I'm touching him. He even comes to me to ask for more affection when before he was very busy being a puppy.

Mary is a truly amazing woman. I had a chance to talk with her after the first session while we settled her into our cabin. The beautiful energy that she brought to the gathering was welcome and magical. It made something that was an amazing event to start with even better. I don't think we would have had such an amazing journey without her part of it."
Laura with Gypsy

Canine Massage and Energy Work

"Mary Kennedy is amazing! She has provided massages and energy work for my blue heeler (who is nearly 18 years old) for the past year. Although I had gotten repeated acupuncture and chiropractic treatments previously for my dog, she still was in pain and had limited movement because of her hips. After just one session with Mary, however, my dog was better. I joke that Mary "winds her up" with each session, but that is exactly what happens. She not only moves more freely, she has more energy, brighter eyes, and a healthier appetite. And she is supremely happy after her sessions. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Mary for anyone's pet."

Mary Ann with Roo