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Canine Massage at Julia's


Class Descriptions

The benefits of massage range from improved flexibility and increased circulation, to enhanced muscle tone and reduced inflammation. Our canine companions will benefit from massage in the same way that people do. In this class, learn about structure and gait. Practice basic massage techniques and exercises to help strengthen your canine companion.
Discover how to read a dog food label in order to choose the highest quality food for your dog. Most important, bring your well behaved dog to this class.
Bring a blanket or pad for your dog to lie on.

Did you ever wonder how your dog knows what you are thinking? Have you noticed that you share some of the same personality or emotional attributes? Our companion animals may mirror us in amazing ways. In this class get some basics on animal communication skills. Learn fundamental techniques on how to perceive and apply energy work on your animals and yourself. Bring your well behaved dog and a picture of another pet, living or deceased, for some interesting practice exercises.
Bring a blanket or pad for your dog to lie on.


Thought Field Therapy is a Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Therapy whereby an algorithm  or sequence of acupuncture points are tapped with the fingers to stimulate a flow of trapped or stored energy. While the person is “tapping” they are thinking of the problem at hand in order to release the negative energy held around those thoughts.
The basic theory behind Meridian Therapies is that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Negative emotions can give rise to physical and behavioral problems. By tapping on specific points while keeping the problem in mind, the negative emotions are cleared, often within minutes.
Thought Field Therapy is used for:
• Trauma relief
• Elimination of fears, anxiety and stress
• Successful weight loss or smoking cessation
• Ease the weight of depression without medications
• Leading emotional freedom technique - providing you with a path to success

TFT & Animals
As the theory behind Thought Field Therapy also applies to the animal kingdom in general it is possible for a skilled practitioner to treat challenging behavioral problems in a number of species, especially dogs, cats and horses.  This innovative approach has achieved remarkable results in animals that have not responded to other forms of treatment.